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Council nurseries

The following council nurseries are open from 8am to 6pm for the full year and most provide places for babies, toddlers and pre-school children. Additional childcare hours can be purchased at these nurseries:

Private nurseries

Partner nurseries also provide additional childcare hours. Further information is available from individual nurseries.


Our partner childminders also provide additional childcare hours.

Please contact the childminders directly. Their details are in the document below.

Ward 1 - Bo'ness and Blackness

Cecile Recio
Elizabeth Purdie

Ward 2 - Grangemouth

Leigh Ann Anderson

Leigh Ann Anderson and 'Peek-A-Boo Childcare' aim to deliver high-quality care in a fun, nurturing setting that is flexible to both children and families with differing needs.

I am Paediatric 1st Aid trained, hold HNC in Childhood Practice and am registered with the Care Inspectorate.

This setting provides children with the opportunity to learn, play and develop at their own pace by experiencing different environments and activities all whilst promoting healthy lifestyle choices; cooking, arts & crafts, soft play, toddlers, parks, woodlands and beaches.

Most importantly I aim to provide a setting that enhances your children’s experiences in a safe and secure environment where having fun is key.

Kay Connar is a Grangemouth based Childminder.

I like to build a positive relationship with both the child and the parent, and through the use of an app, I can provide daily updates on what we have done.

We do everything from growing fruit and vegetables to visiting parks, castles, beaches, and toddler groups. I enjoy watching how children grow and develop through play.

I ensure my practice remains current by completing CPD opportunities, and I have a current paediatric first-aid certificate.

I am a registered childminder and have been for over 15 years.

We offer children a friendly homely environment and we take all children's needs into consideration.

We offer a wide variety of activities suitable to the child's stage and age.

We do love being out and about when we can, we all love a walk in the woods just exploring the outside world. Sometimes we go to soft play, mini gyms and crafts and baking.

Kellyann Freck

Ann Mather
Alison McPherson

Allison Niven
Anne Paterson

Ward 3 - Denny and Banknock

Yvonne Baxter

I have been a childminder off and on for 17 years now.

I aim to give a home from home experience for your child, we often do soft play, parks, and the beach.

I aim to work well with parents showing what their child has been doing on a daily basis.

I have a lovely home which is cleaned to a high standard for your child to explore I also have a mud kitchen in the garden.

My service is very much an extension of family and children have ownership of the setting/environment.
We share lots of fun times and experiences together both indoors and outdoors, creating wonderful memories while learning and developing

I have attended lots of training over the years and gained Childcare Qualifications inclusive of SVQ2,3,4 in Playwork, Units from PDA in Childhood Practice, Child Protection, First aid, Elementary Food Hygiene, Health/Safety and lots, lots more.

Billinda Duncan 

Julie McArthur

As a childminder I offer a professional, friendly, flexible childcare service, offering lots of fun days out such as toddlers groups, soft play, walks in the woods and visits to local parks.

I have been a registered childminder for 23 years and I can offer the 1140 funded hours as I have completed SVQ3 level 7.

I provide full time, blended with nursery and/or part-time sessions available. I have 15 years of experience, qualified in Forest Kindergarten and I am a qualified early years officer.

I offer forest kindergarten sessions, in conjunction with two other childminders, as well as nurturing educational care from my home in a dedicated, spacious playroom that is designed to promote free play and imagination.

Both approaches are based around providing child-centred learning through play that develops self-esteem, intelligence, problem-solving, communication, decision making, socialisation, emotional growth, confidence, cognitive, critical thinking, and motor skills.

The intended outcome is to get the children school ready within a loving home from home environment.

Forest sessions are run almost daily giving the children exciting and engaging play opportunities in local, natural settings all year round promoting a healthy body and a healthy mind.

For more information on Jacquiline's Childcare Service visit the website.

I provide a professional, friendly affordable and very flexible childcare service for all ages in a warm caring home from home environment.

I Offer fun days outdoors, indoors, soft play and toddlers.

I can also offer the 1140 funded hours as I have my SVQ3 level 7.

I have an HNC in Childcare and Education.

I provide children with a fun, caring, nurturing and stimulating home from home where children can play and learn.

I provide a range of activities/experiences that are age-appropriate for your child's age/stage of development so that your child can reach their full potential.

Outdoor play is promoted heavily in my setting with time spent in the garden, parks, woods, beaches and meeting up with other childminders along with visits to local toddler groups, soft plays and sports centres.

Lynn Reynolds

I have been registered as a childminder since 1999, and I have gained great experiences throughout my years as a childminder.

I have a warm and friendly home and environment and help babies and young children to develop throughout the different stages of their life.

I am a member of the SCMA and registered with the Care Inspectorate.
I have an SVQ7, and up to date First aid certificate as well as various other training certificates for training I have attended.

The activities I like to do with the children are Soft play, Swimming (which has been a while due to Covid), woodland walks, fishing and various other activities including, arts &crafts, play dough, and baking.

I have been a registered childminder since 2006.

I operate in a homely, caring, and nurturing environment.

I provide a flexible service tailored to your individual needs.
We visit toddler groups, soft plays, parks, and other outdoor activities.

I can offer the 1140 funded hours as I have my SVQ3 level 7.

Ward 4 - Carse, Kinnaird and Tryst

Joanne Connolly

I am a childminder registered with the Care Inspectorate and graded 5 in all areas.

I offer a home from home environment and provide the children with a variety of play experiences.

I make use of local parks and forests, trips to soft play and play parks and toddler groups.

My main aim is to provide as much fun and stimulation to the various ages of children I care for allowing them to thrive and grow.

I have been a registered childminder for 13 years, based in Airth.

I provide a homely, safe and friendly place for the children, I offer a variety of toys and activities ranging from arts & crafts to baking.

Outdoor activities ranging from visiting parks, woods etc. taking the child's age and development into consideration.

The children are always given the opportunity to make their own choices and I always make time to listen.

May Rookes

I am a qualified nursery nurse and hold an H.N.C. in Social Care.

My service offers a professional, caring approach in a warm, safe, and cosy home from home environment.

I offer children a wide range of activities to learn through play, following the curriculum to achieve e.g., Forest walks & den building, farm visits, playgroups, parks, soft play, and community amenities such as cafes, shops, and libraries.

I am a partner provider with Falkirk Council, offering up to 30 hours of free childcare for 3&4-year-olds and eligible 2-year-olds.

My current Care Inspectorate grade is 5 (very good).

I have been a childminder since 2003, based in Airth. I have many years of experience and am fully qualified.

I hold an HNC in Childcare and Education, and recently completed my SVQ4 level 9'social Services and Young People.

I aim to provide a happy nurturing homely but stimulating environment. Inspection reports can be found online.

I have been a registered child care provider for the past 19 years in Carronshore.

I’m surrounded by beautiful walks and woodland outings for the kids to enjoy. Regularly attend soft play, playgroups and my home is a home to home setting.

I have achieved my SVQ level 7 in children and young people. I have paediatrics first aid training for children and young people.

Ward 5 - Bonnybridge and Larbert

Bonny Kidz

Throughout our service we offer a home from home environment. We provide age and stage appropriate resources and activities to watch the children develop and flourish.

We work in partnership with parents and carers to maintain positive communication and to ensure we are working together to meet the needs and wellbeing of the children. We provide before and after school care and take children from 0-16 years of age. We provide healthy breakfast, snacks and meals for the children promoting choice and healthy eating as per setting the table document. We refer to the GIRFEC document using the SHANARRI wellbeing indicators to promote development within the children.

The children have opportunities to contribute to their care by choosing their activities, meals, and any ideas they have to integrate into the service. Nature walks is one of the activities the children particularly enjoy, exploring the nature reserve and feeding the ducks. We provide days out going to various areas to explore to develop their interests and curiosity.


Adeline Ramsay – SVQ 3 Social Services (Children and Young People) SCQF Level 7 Food Safety and Hygiene

Hazel Robertson (assistant) - Modern Apprenticeship – Early Years Care and Education
SVQ 3 Early Years Care and Education
Nat 5 in Care
HNC Social Services
Diploma of Higher Education in Education and Social Services
Food Safety and Hygiene
Advanced Child Protection

If you require any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

I aim to provide a flexible, professional service to children in my care experiencing a friendly, safe and stimulating environment where parents are confident that their child is respected, comfortable and happy.

I hold an SVQ level 3 Social Services Children and Young People qualification, an up-to-date Food Hygiene Certificate, regularly refresh my Child Protection training and have a current Paediatric First Aid qualification.

I am a member of the Scottish Childminding Association which support childminders with best practice guidance and professional learning. As the children I care for grow and develop, I encourage them to plan along with me topics and activities for exploration. Each child is respected as an individual and will be helped to realise their potential with activities tailored around their age and ability.

There are ample opportunities for outdoor and indoor play and outings around the local area to woods, rivers, lochs and canals. Creative activities focus on the seasons and annual celebrations, allowing the children to learn about the world around them.

Lesley Paterson

My name is Lesley Paterson and I live in Larbert, I have 2 older children and 2 labradors. I am a mum to an autistic child, so have first-hand experience of caring for a child with autism and understanding the individual needs of a child on the autistic spectrum.

I have been childminding for 12 years and cover Ladeside Primary School. I have passed my SVQ Level 7 in childcare and have gained a lot of knowledge from this. I enjoy taking the children in my care to playgroups and daily outings to parks.I provide a home from home nurturing experience for the children, working in partnership with parents.

Linsey Philliban and Alan Wotherspoon

My name is Linsey Philliban and I work in partnership with my mum Alana Wotherspoon. We are a registered, qualified childminding setting which offers high-quality childcare in a nurturing home environment.

We enjoy arts and crafts, outdoor experiences, singing, stories, topics and lots of learning through play. We are committed to working in partnership with families. We listen to children's voices and preferences and respond appropriately to extend their interest and learning while ensuring they have fun.

Ward 6 - Falkirk North

My name is Susan Black, I have been a registered childminder since 2013 and am SVQ level 7 qualified. My current Care Inspectorate Grade is a 5 and I strive to provide an excellent, nurturing environment in which all my mindees can grow and learn while being treated like one of my own. I follow the Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) and use the SHANARRI indicators while creating a fun place to learn.

Please do not hesitate in contacting me for further information.

Fiona Smith

My name is Fiona and I have been a registered childminder in Falkirk for the last 13 years. I live in a quiet street with my 20-year-old daughter and our friendly black labrador. I am in the Falkirk North area.

I am educated to degree level and have recently completed my SVQ3 in Social Services (Children and Young People). I have consistently been awarded a grade 5 by the Care Inspectorate in all aspects of my service.

I aim to provide a warm, nurturing environment in which children of all ages can flourish. I offer a mix of both indoor and outdoor activities, experiences, and learning. I strive to work in partnership with parents to provide a reliable, flexible and professional solution to their childcare needs.

Ward 7 - Falkirk South

Tracey McCluskey

I aim to provide a home from home, warm, caring friendly setting, to allow children to grow and develop, visiting toddlers, soft play, parks, and walks. I am lucky to be surrounded by beautiful woods and use this area in daily adventures. I feel it’s important to work in partnership with parents offering the best possible care. Having structure and being flexible is important in any child’s care.

I am registered with the Care Inspectorate and have been graded a 5 in all aspects of my service. I also have my SVQ Level 3 in Children and Young People. My family consists of my husband, daughter, and son. We also have two friendly dogs. I look forward to welcoming your child into our family home and spending time creating new memories.

Ward 8 – Lower Braes

Maureen’s childminding service provides a wide variety of activities daily to the children, although routine and consistency are important to give each child the stability and know what their day entails. I am currently certified to SVQ Level 7 and have over 20 years’ experience in childcare. Children have an input into daily routines and activities and I promote outdoor learning and work towards the SHANARRI and Curriculum for Excellence principles.

At Teresa's Childminding I provide a home from home, warm, caring friendly setting, to allow children to grow, develop and have fun. Child-led play and planning are promoted and we also visit toddlers, soft play, The Milk Barn, The Helix and all the local parks. I am lucky to live near lots of lovely outdoor areas and walks so we spend lots of time outside exploring nature and having adventures. I am qualified for SVQ Level 7 and promote the principles of SHANNARI, GIRFEC and the Curriculum for Excellence.

Lynne Lawson

I have been a registered childminder since 2004, qualified in SVQ level 7 in 2020. My care inspectorate grade is 5 (very good).

I offer the kind of care I would wish for my own children. My main aim is to exceed the expectations of the parents and children in my care and create a home from home environment where children will feel cared for, confident and happy.

I will offer every child in my care a stimulating, safe, clean and friendly environment. Opportunities will be provided for all children to take part in activities to encourage their development.

Each child is treated without discrimination and as an individual with respect. Their confidence will be nourished through positive influence and praise. A wide range of toys will be available for different age groups as well as arts and crafts, baking, music and movement, story time and outdoor play.

I offer a home from home environment in a warm, caring, friendly environment where I hope your child will feel happy and secure.

I am registered with the Care Inspectorate and have been childminding for just over 30 years and I have always maintained Grade 5 (Very Good). I have an SVQ in Social Services (Children and Young People) SCQF Level 7 qualification along with many years of practical experience.

My aim is for your child to have fun whilst learning at the same time. I provide a wide variety of activities each day whilst recognising the importance of how much children enjoy routines and therefore, incorporate daily activities alongside our regular trips to Moo Music Class, toddler groups, soft play with trips to the parks, woodland walks, arts and crafts, baking which the children are encouraged to help plan.

I promote outdoor learning and work following the Curriculum for Excellence, SHANARRI and Realising the Ambition.

Ward 9 - Upper Braes

I have been a registered childminder for 18 years and graded 5 by Care Inspectorate. I have my SVQ 3 in childcare, with a first-aid certificate and excellent references available. I offer a homely environment. Snacks and healthy meals are provided.

We enjoy arts and crafts, baking, games, tv time, walks to the woods and various other places plus walking my 2 friendly dogs. I have a large enclosed garden with an outdoor play area. Children enjoy visits to local playgroups and parks and various special themed events e.g. sports day and our famous Halloween party to name but a few.

Flexible days and hours available plus 7am start time if needed. Any questions please feel free to contact me.

I have been a registered Childminder since 2004, I am SVQ Level 7 qualified and my current care Inspectorate grade is 5 - very good.

I strive to make sure that each child I care for is treated and loved as if one of my own. I ensure that each child feels that my home is a fun, loving, safe learning environment where they can holistically thrive.

I follow the Curriculum for Excellence, SHANARRI and Realising the Ambition. Each child has a learning journal to enable parents/guardians to see what we are working on and the child's next learning steps.

I have worked in childcare since 1999. Firstly in various nurseries, then in 2006, I started childminding. I have a separate well-stocked playroom, and an enclosed garden. Where I live, I have access to parks and lovely walks to see the farm animals. I offer a warm, friendly and fun environment for all children of various ages. My main school pick up is Wallacestone.

As a childminding setting, the children love to go on adventures, visiting beaches, parks, den building in the woods, country parks and lots more. We also access the library, soft play and toddler groups too. "We learn through fun and play"