A creche can provide supervised childcare for occasional limited periods of time or a mobile service.

Creche services are registered with the Care Inspectorate. Staff are qualified, registered and have completed background checks.

National Care Standards can help you decide about a service, they are the minimum standard required by law and services are scored against how well they meet the standards.

Where to find services

Details are available through Falkirk Families Information Service or on the Scottish Family Information Service website.

Plus points

  • Supervised childcare for occasional limited periods of time.
  • Enables parents/carers to participate in adult education courses, training, leisure activities.
  • Mobile creche for different types of events/functions (wedding, conference, training).

Age range

The age range of a creche varies based on venue and the type of childcare offered.


A creche can cost between £6.50 and £8 a session. Mobile creche costs depend on the venue and the number of children.

Opening hours

Usual creche hours are 9am to 4pm. Most offer short-term sessional places.