Our budget for 2020/21 will be set on 26 February.

There are still significant challenges ahead with more budget cuts a reality over the next five years.

There is an estimated funding gap for next year of around £20m. Council officers were tasked with producing proposals for savings options

However, we still expect to be spending c£2.5bn on services in our local communities over the next 5 years.

The Council approved its five year Business Plan in May 2019 and sets out how we will deliver transformation and savings while achieving the best possible outcomes for our communities. Our plan contains a range of innovative ideas and projects that will help us transform and modernise our services.

On 22 January 2020 the Council agreed its Housing budget with £316m committed over the next five years for improvements to existing homes and provision of new additional homes.

This investment programme is entirely separate from the Council's other budgets and revenue raised by housing rents and grants etc, can only be reinvested in housing programmes and no other aspect of Council services.

Where the money comes from 2019/20

In 2019/20 we spent around £340m providing services across all of our communities and invested £43.5m in large scale projects across all our services

Our three main areas of income are:

Scottish Government Grant202,700
Council Tax66,604
Non-Domestic rates69,739

Where the money is spent

We have 13 main areas of service delivery.

Secondary education 80,915
Health and Social Care for Adults66,986
Primary education60,834
Social Work for Children and Young People24,469
Waste Collection and disposal13,697
Early Learning and Childcare12,316
Special education11,890
Design, Roads and Transport10,815
Culture, Leisure and Sports facilities9,843
Community Learning and Development3,211
Planning and Economic Development3,117
Housing and Communities3,010
Welfare advice and benefits 2,693

There is a small number of services and areas that support the way the Council operates

  • Support Services £18.234m
  • Democratic Support £1.804m

Staff costs account for £240.548m

  • Teachers £88.477m
  • Other Council staff £152.071m