As a Council, we have a clear purpose - to improve people's lives. It's at the heart of everything we do.

    Our 5 year business plan sets out how we will deliver transformation and savings while achieving the best possible outcomes for our communities.

    It sets out our journey of transformation through to 2024.

    By then, we will be a smaller council with fewer employees, assets and delivering fewer services.

    Some of our services may be delivered in radically different ways.

    Nevertheless, we expect to be spending c£2.5bn on services to our local communities over the next 5 years.

    With that, comes the opportunity to deliver significant benefits to our communities in terms of positive outcomes.

    We will need to reshape our spend to ensure this substantial resource is used in the best possible way.

    General Fund1,700
    Housing Revenue Account revenue353
    Housing Revenue Account capital280
    General Fund capital220

    Our plan recognises that over the next 5 years we face a period of unprecedented change and pressure. By 2024 we estimate:

    • Our General Fund budget savings requirement will be around £76m.
    • We will have around 385 fewer employees, Full Time Equivalents (FTE).
      • This will be balanced by increasing the workforce by around 250 new posts in Early Years.
    • There will be more people with complex health needs living longer.
    • Increasing customer expectations and demands will put pressure on our services.
    • Increasing levels of poverty and continued deprivation in some areas will have a significant impact on individuals, families and communities.
    • Ambitious projects will be underway to transform how we do our business, including a Growth Deal for Falkirk.

    We need to transform and modernise, and we need to do it quickly.

    That is why our 5 year plan contains a range of innovative ideas and projects that will help us do that.

    It is crucial that we work with our partners and communities to improve the areas that are most important to them.

    Our Vision

    The Place to Be

    We want the Falkirk Council area to be 'the place to be', where people want to live, work and visit. We are committed to this and have started to make it happen.

    Our Council of the Future (COTF) change programme was agreed by Falkirk Council in September 2017 to transform how we do our business.

    What does our Council of the Future look like?

    We are a responsive, innovative, trusted and ambitious (RITA) council – a council of the future.

    • We are a fully modern and digital council.
    • We have fully connected services with our partners and communities.
    • We deliver services differently with a mix of services provided by the Council, partners, the community and others.
    • Communities will do more to provide services for themselves.
    • Our performance will be recognised as high quality.
    • Our customer experience will be regarded as excellent, as we get it right for our customers.

    Council Context

    Strategic Framework

    Our 5 year business plan describes:

    • our ambition for change
    • our transformation journey
    • our medium term financial plan

    It has been developed in the context of delivering the Council's long term strategic direction set out in the Falkirk Community Planning Partnership's Strategic Outcomes and Local Delivery (SOLD) Plan and Falkirk Council's Corporate Plan.

    Our priorities are:


    • Raising aspiration and ambition
    • Reducing the impact of poverty on children and their families


    • Growing our economy
    • Improving the neighbourhoods we live in
    • Promoting vibrant town centres


    • Working with communities to deliver better services
    • Empowering and enabling people to be self-reliant
    • Promoting stronger, more self-reliant communities

    Strategic Plans and Programmes

    This is underpinned by our commitment to equalities and to promoting and enabling a positive culture across the council.

    COTF Capabilities

    We will deliver our vision by developing excellence in 4 key areas – our capabilities:

    One Council

    Working as One Council and aspiring to be one public service, working together to improve outcomes for the people of the Falkirk Council area.

    Enabled and Empowered Communities

    Working together with communities and partners to have enabled, empowered and connected communities where people lead healthy, safe and fulfilled lives.


    Enabling communities, Elected Members, employees and partners to use data and information to make decisions based on shared priorities and real-time information.

    Modern and Digital

    Modernising how we deliver our services, become innovative by design and deliver services that are more accountable, flexible and efficient.

    These 4 capabilities are at the very heart of our programme of change, Council of the Future.

    Our COTF Values

    We are committed to a set of values which shape how we conduct our business - RITA.

    We are Responsive:

    We will actively listen to customers and employees. We will respond to customers from a council-wide perspective and let our customers know timescales.

    We are Innovative:

    We will involve customers in designing innovative solutions and learn from experiences.

    We are Trusted:

    We will treat people fairly and with respect and follow through when we say we'll do something.

    We are Ambitious:

    We will have a clear vision for services. To deliver on these, we will set targets and milestones and articulate to customers and employees the service they can expect to receive.

    These values are at the heart of our COTF capabilities and change programme.

    They focus on making our area 'the place to be' by creating thriving communities, a vibrant economy and a gateway to opportunity for all.

    Our business plan outlines how we will do this by working with communities and partners to make our place an even better place to live, work and visit while creating a modern, digitally enabled organisation founded on these values and an entrepreneurial spirit.