Using our existing performance indicators, we have developed a holistic performance management framework for how we:

  • Deliver our priorities for our communities
  • Manage the overall business of the Council & Services
  • Deliver our Council of the Future programme and Medium Term Financial Plan
  • Go about our service delivery
What will be reported Where will it be reported How often will it be reported
Corporate Plan Priorities:
  • People
  • Place
  • Partnership
Council / Executive Annual
Business indicators:
  • Council
  • Service
Council / Executive Annual
Council of the Future Workstreams + Medium Term Financial Plan Council of the Future Board
Service Delivery Scrutiny As per agreed cycle

This framework will allow us to refocus our performance indicators against our priorities and incorporate:

  • a range of measures of success for our Council of the Future Workstreams
  • a suite of business indicators in support of our 5 year business plan, for example:
Employees Customer Council of the Future Programme Financial
Number of Employees Customer Satisfaction % Number of COTF Projects Total Budget Accounts Receivable
Absence % Participatory budget award and spend Number of Digital Services / Users / Transactions Expenditure Accounts Payable
Turnover % Number of Community Asset Transfers   Employee Costs Innovation / Transformation Spend
      Commissioning Costs Savings Due To Innovation / Transformation
      Income Capital