We collect information on our performance for two reasons:

  • so we know how we are doing and how we can improve what we do
  • to keep us accountable to the people of the Falkirk Council area and others with an interest in the Council.

    Our statutory performance

    We are committed to improving services for our communities. To do that, we know that we need to understand our own performance, and how that compares with others. The Local Government Benchmarking Framework is based on over 80 indicators across major service areas delivered by councils in Scotland. Each indicator is collected so it can be compared across all Council. The chart below give an overview of how we have performed in the past.

    Local Government Benchmarking Framework (LGBF)

    The LGBF is a high-level benchmarking tool designed to support senior management teams and elected members to ask questions about key council services. There are over 80 indicators, ranging from education, housing, planning, and looks at service delivery, cost of providing these services and satisfaction levels.

    How our services are performing

    As well as the Local Government Benchmarking Framework, we collect Important Indicators. There are indicators that are key to services delivery and allow us to see how well we are delivering our services and where we ned to improve or where we are doing well.

    Here is an overview of our important indicators

    How others judge our performance

    We are regularly audited and inspected by external agencies such as Audit Scotland. Here are the most recent audits and inspection reports.

    Complaints Annual Report

    The Council is required by the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman to report on its performance in handling complaints. This report is published annually and shows how the Council performed against a set of key performance indicators developed by the SPSO.

    Complaints Annual Report 2018-19
    Complaints Annual Report 2017-18
    Complaints Annual Report 2016-17
    Complaints Annual Report 2015-16
    Complaints Annual Report 2014-15

    Scottish Public Services Ombudsman investigations

    There are very occasionally times when members of the public feel we don't perform as we should do. Reports from the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman relating to Falkirk Council can be found on the SPSO website.