What is the Local Government Benchmarking Framework?

The LGBF is a high-level benchmarking tool designed to support senior management teams and elected members to ask questions about key council services.

It reflects a commitment by SOLACE (Scotland) and COSLA to develop better measurement and comparable data as a catalyst for improving services, targeting resources to areas of greatest impact and enhancing public accountability.

The framework provides high-level 'can openers' which are designed to focus questions on why variations in cost and performance are occurring between similar councils. They do not supply the answers. That happens as councils engage with each other to ‘drill down’ and explore why these variations are happening.

The LGBF helps councils compare their performance against a suite of efficiency, output and outcome indicators that cover all areas of local government activity. The framework now has 8 years of data. Publication of the LGBF forms part of each council’s statutory requirements for public performance reporting, replacing the previous SPI regime.

Data for all councils can be found on the Improvement Service site.