The Local Government Benchmarking Framework (LGBF) is a collection of performance indicators for all Scottish councils. The information helps you see how we are performing and how we compare with other councils for a number of service areas such as education and children's social work, planning, environment, roads, adult social work housing and economic development.

The latest annual benchmarking report on Falkirk's performance in the LGBF is now available.

The data is reported by the Improvement Service and you can use the My Local Council website to explore the data fully, but to make this easier, we've added a helpful tool below where you can compare Falkirk Council performance against the Scotland average (all 32 Councils in Scotland).

What is the Local Government Benchmarking Framework?

Local Council's provide a wide range of services for their communities. The information shown here is provided to help you understand how well your council is performing across this range of services.