2020 has been a significant year. Facing a pandemic and working with partners to support the people of Falkirk in an event never experienced before. We have also come to a crossroad in terms of our strategic aims, with a new Falkirk Plan, Corporate Plan and Business Plan. This is always an opportunity to assess progress, and the needs of Falkirk. If there was ever a time to reassess need and priorities, 2020 is it.

The new Falkirk Plan is currently under development with the Community Planning Partners and communities and is due in June 2021.

Making Falkirk 'the place to be' and improving the lives of our people is at the heart of what we do. We cannot do this alone, so working within the Community Planning Partnership is key. By working effectively together, we can endeavour to deliver better public services to the area.

You may be interested in how the priorities in Falkirk's Community Plan are being taken forward by all community planning partners.