The figures below show the cost of the day to day running of Council services. Total net expenditure was £336.7m. Amounts are shown in £m.

The Cost of Council Services 2014/15 (other than Council Housing)

Total expenditure

Social Work£93.3
Corporate and Neighbourhood£14.7
Valuation Board£1.2
Falkirk Community Trust£13.1
Other Services£11.4
Adjustment for Capital Charges -£8.7
Total £336.7

How net expenditure was funded

Funded by£m
Government Grants and share of NDRI£279.5
Council Tax£53.3
Contribution from Reserves£3.9
Total £336.7

How the money was spent

Employee Expenses£203.7
Property Expenses£24.9
Transport Expenses£15.9
Supplies and Services£34.5
Third Party Payments£128.1
Transfer Payments£47.2
Support Services£37.7
Capital Financing Costs£34.2
Income -£189.5
Total £336.7

Financial Performance

Spending on the delivery of all services other than council housing was around £2.87m or 0.9% above the assumed level. This over spend when added to other adjustments led to an overall decrease in general reserves of £3.94m.

Council Housing

At 31 March 2015 the Council owned 16,325 properties. By law there is a requirement that all expenditure on these properties is financed from rent and other housing income.

The average weekly rent for the year was £57.46, increase by 3.6% from the 2013/14 level. The average rent in Scotland throughout the year was £62.13.

The cost of providing services to council housing tenants was at the planned level. The level of reserves at 31 March 2015 remained at £5.093m.


Rental Income£49.2
Other Income£1.6
Transfer from Reserves£0.0
Total £50.8


Repairs and Maintenance£23.5
Supervision and Management£11.3
Capital Financing Costs£12.7
Other Costs£3.3
Total £50.8


Capital expenditure represents money spent on purchasing, upgrading and improving assets.

The Council has 2 separate capital programmes – Council Housing and General Services, for example schools and roads.

Capital expenditure

Council Housing£35.1
Roads and Infrastructure£8.4
Economic Development£0.8
Other – mainly Transport, ICT and Parks£7.1
Social Work£0.6
Total £61.5

Capital expenditure financed by

Sale of Council Houses£3.3
Government Grants£18.5
Capital Financed from Revenue£7.7
Other Receipts£4.1
Total £61.5

Major Capital Projects undertaken by the Council included:

  • £35.1m on Council Housing including £12.9m on external fabric improvements and £7.3m on new build houses
  • £8.4m on roads, lighting and footpaths
  • £5.9m on schools
  • £3.6m investment in community facilities including The Helix
  • £4.7m on the vehicle replacement programme

Council Tax

The Band D council tax was set at £1,070 for the year which was £79 lower than the average in Scotland. Council tax bills were sent to around 72,967 households in March 2014.

In 2014/15 the council collected 95.7% of council tax by March 2015 (2013/14, 95.6%). The ultimate collection rate for 2014/15 is anticipated to be 97.8%.


At the end of 2014/15 the Council held general fund reserves of £24.03m. The devolved schools reserve and other earmarked reserves amounted to almost £10.56m, with the Housing Revenue Account balance being a further £5.09m. This leaves general reserves of c£8.37m.