There was one councillor to be elected 13 August 2015.

The percentage poll was 26.1%. There were 3726 valid papers and 34 rejected papers.

The quota of votes for a candidate to be elected was 1864.

Name of Candidate Party Number of First Preference Votes Stage at which candidate has been elected
Andrew Bell Scottish Labour Party 549  
Brian Capaloff Scottish Green Party 170  
Paul Garner Scottish National Party (SNP) 2576 1st
David Grant Scottish Conservative and Unionist 431  

Of the total ballot papers, the following were rejected as void and not counted on account of:

Adjudication Reject Reason Number
Want of an official mark 0
Figure "1" not placed so as to indicate a preference for one candidate 15
Figure "1" indicating first preference is set opposite the name of more than one candidate 14
Which is unmarked or void for uncertainty 5
Total number of ballot papers rejected 34

Returning Officer: Mary Pitcaithly

Date: 13 August 2015