For more information on the procurement processes, please see the Information for Suppliers section of the Scottish Government website.

The Supplier Journey will:

  • Clearly set out the procurement process
  • Help you to identify business opportunities
  • Tell you how to bid for quotes and tenders
  • Explain what is expected of you and how to deliver a contract
  • Tell you what the process is if you fail to win a contract

Suppliers' charter

We have signed up to the Scottish Government's Suppliers' Charter.

The Charter sets out what we will do to help make the public sector contracts more accessible for small and medium sized businesses.

Supplier Development Programme

The Supplier Development Programme is a local authority partnership programme which gives small and medium sized businesses the opportunity to grow and diversify through procurement.

Government Buying Standards

The Government Buying Standards are a set of environmental regulations. The Buying Standards list can be used by buyers and suppliers to make sure environmental standards are met. For more information, please visit Defra's website.

Reserved Contracts

We are a participant in the Scottish Government’s National Framework for Supported Factories and Businesses.

Procurement Capability Assessment

Our procurement performance is assessed each year by Scotland Excel. This assessment is called a Procurement Capability Assessment (PCA).

The PCA looks at:

  • Procurement leadership and governance
  • Procurement strategy and objectives
  • Defining the supply need
  • Commodity/project strategies and collaborative procurement
  • Contract and supplier management
  • Key purchasing processes and systems
  • People
  • Performance measurement

More information about the PCA, including how scores are calculated, can be found on the Scottish Government's website.

We have improved our score in each year of the PCA. The scores are 2013 (60), 2012 (56) and 2011 (35).