MFMC is a behavioural programme designed to provide treatment for men who commit sexual offences or offences with a sexual element. MFMC is designed to help participants lead a satisfying life which does not involve harm to others. The programme is delivered in modules and tailored to meet participants' treatment needs. All participants are assessed to ensure the programme is suitable for them. The programme is part of their Court Order or Post Custody Licence.

The programme benefits are:

  • To reduce offending;
  • To increase self-confidence and self-esteem
  • To improve relationships
  • To identify positive goals and the steps to achieve them.


Where a man has been convicted of a sexual offence and the Court defers sentence for Criminal Justice Social Work reports, eligibility for the programme will be assessed and included in the report based on age, patterns of offending and risk. Once sentenced to a Community Payback Order or Licence condition the man is assessed on an on-going basis by a Criminal Justice Social Worker in consultation with a member of the Forth Valley Accredited Programmes Team (FVAPT) in relation to suitability for progression onto the MFMC groupwork programme. This assessment will again take into account areas such as patterns of offending, risk of harm / re-offending and motivation to change.

The Programme

There is no set start date and end date for the programme – each participant works at their own pace supported by facilitators and existing participants. In addition to the programme, the participant may also have appointments with other professionals such as psychiatrist, psychologist, mental health, addictions etc.

Referral to MCMC Programme

Referrals are taken from Sheriff Courts, Scottish Prison Service and Criminal Justice Social Work Teams.

The MFMC programme in Forth Valley is delivered by the FVAPT in partnership with, Sacro Groupwork Services, Falkirk Council Children's Services Criminal Justice, Stirling Criminal Justice Social Work Service and Clackmannanshire Criminal Justice Social Work Service.