We work closely with community and prison services to reduce reoffending and support the rehabilitation of offenders.

Alongside the court, we can offer the Diversion from Prosecution Scheme to offenders who have committed minor offences. Under the scheme, the court can refer an accused person to our social work services instead of them appearing in court.

Social work staff will meet the accused and assess whether or not they are suitable for the scheme. If accepted, offenders must attend appointments to receive help with the issues which may have led to them offending.

An offender will usually receive help and advice from the Diversion from Prosecution scheme for up to three months. This can last longer if appropriate.

If the offender completes the scheme successfully, a positive recommendation will be given to the court. If the offender does not complete the scheme, they can be returned to the court for prosecution.

Offenders in the following groups are often considered appropriate for the Diversion from Prosecution Scheme:

  • Young offenders
  • Women offenders
  • Offenders with mental health needs
  • Problem drug and alcohol users

We work with our partners in the Fife and Forth Valley Community Justice Authority to plan, coordinate, monitor and report on the reducing reoffending services we provide.