The Caledonian System is an integrated approach to address domestic abuse by men towards a female partner or ex-partner. It works with men convicted of domestic abuse related offences to reduce their reoffending while offering integrated services to women and children.

The Caledonian System comprises:

  • The Men's Service – a programme of work lasting at least 2 years comprising preparation and motivation sessions; a groupwork programme of 26 sessions and post group work.
  • The Women's Service – safety planning, information, advice and emotional support to women partners and ex-partners.
  • The Children's Service – ensures the needs of the children whose parents are involved with the Caledonian System are met and their rights upheld.

The Caledonian Women's and Children's service offers emotional and practical support to women, advice on safety planning, risk assessment and advocacy. By working in partnership with the woman it aims to reduce her vulnerability and works with other services such as social work and the Police, so they can better support the woman and her family.

The woman's participation is purely voluntary and she can choose to withdraw from the service at any time.

The Children's Service works with other agencies to ensure that a plan is in place for the child which meets their needs and reduces the impact of domestic abuse on their lives.

We recognise that everyone is affected differently by domestic abuse, and if women want to meet with us, we can discuss the various options available.