The Falkirk area has over 300 miles of paths and rights of way for walking and cycling. Many of these paths have been sign posted in partnership with local land owners and community groups.

You can view details of the path networks around your area below:

Airth path network
Blackness and Bo'ness path network
Bonnybridge path network
Braes area path network
Denny path network
Discover the Antonine Wall
Larbert and Stenhousemuir paths network
Nature Trails in the Falkirk Area
The Falkirk Wheel and South Falkirk

Foundry Fortunes Heritage Trail

A new heritage trail created in Larbert and Stenhousemuir. The trail has six art sculptures along the trail. The art work and trail are called 'Foundry Fortunes'; relating to the historical foundries that were situated in the area since mid 1800s.

Foundry Fortune Heritage Trail

Core Paths

Within the wider path network, core paths are the basic framework of key routes that provide for the main needs of users. We have a duty to draw up a plan of core paths in our area in consultation with local communities, land managers and path users. These core paths are signposted and are likely to be the most popular paths.

Core paths can be rights of way, farm tracks, promoted paths or other routes that provide public access to the countryside and urban areas. Not all core paths will be suitable for all users, but everyone should have a choice of routes available to them locally. Each path has been selected following careful public consultation and a consideration of the Core Path selection criteria.

You can view maps of all our adopted Core Paths in the Core Path Plan below:

Core Path Plan

To purchase a paper copy of the Core Paths Plan, please contact us:

Core Paths Fees  2022/23
Proposed charge 
Basis of charge  Discretionary/
Core Paths Plan (outwith scope of VAT)  £12.80  Plus P&P  Discretionary 

There are paths that did not meet the criteria for a core path but still exist and form part of the wider network of paths.

Path problems

To look after the paths, we need to know if you have noticed any path problems. We try to make at least 2 visits per year to inspect and maintain as many paths as we can. You can help us by reporting any problems when you are using the paths via the details below:

Path Warden Scheme

The Path Wardens logo

We are looking for outdoor enthusiasts to volunteer to help keep an eye on your local paths.

As a volunteer Path Warden, you will work with the existing outdoor access team in ensuring paths are accessible and safe. You don't need to be an 'access' expert, you just need to be enthusiastic about exploring your local path network.

It's also a great way to learn about what cultural, historical and geological features are in your local area and to learn more about local wildlife.

If you're interested, please contact us: