The Tenants' & Residents' Forum is the main hub for tenant and resident participation. It is an open forum available to any tenants or residents who wish to attend, meeting approximately once every three months. It provides tenants and residents with the opportunity to discuss how the service is run as well as being able to make suggestions on how it could be improved.

The purpose of the forum is to:

  • Represent the views of tenants and other customers who use our housing service
  • Shape and monitor our Tenants' & Residents' Participation Strategy, and oversee the implementation of the supporting action plan
  • Scrutinise the performance of our housing service
  • Engage in consultation and provide feedback where appropriate
  • Oversee the various sub-groups that are engaged in consultation projects
  • Offer suggestions and ideas for encouraging tenant and resident participation
  • Maintain the equality standards upheld by Falkirk Council and in line with statutory requirements.

If you are interested in attending the forum and need help with transport costs, you can find out more by contacting the Community Engagement Co-ordinator:

Upcoming events

Details of the next forum will be announced in due course.

Minutes of previous forums

Tenants and Residents Forum meeting minutes - 31 March 2021
Tenants and Residents Forum meeting minutes - 27 November 2019
Tenants and Residents Forum meeting minutes - 29 June 2019
Tenants and Residents Forum meeting minutes - 27 February 2019