The Deposit Guarantee Scheme may be able to help you move into a privately rented property even if you do not have a cash deposit.

The Deposit Guarantee Scheme is separate from assistance to pay your rent.

Who can access the Deposit Guarantee Scheme?

Anyone can apply for the scheme. We will assess each application and request references. You will be accepted if we are satisfied you can maintain a tenancy.

How does the Deposit Guarantee Scheme work?

We can provide a time limited guarantee to a private landlord for your deposit. This will allow you to pay the deposit to the landlord in smaller, more manageable instalments, over a period of up to one year. By law, all deposits for private tenancies in Scotland need to be saved with one of these safeguarding schemes.

If you decide to move on, you will get your deposit back at the end of the tenancy if you leave the property in a satisfactory condition.

If the landlord wishes to claim any of your deposit at the end of the tenancy, one of the national Safeguarding Tenancy Deposit Schemes will decide whether your landlord's claim is fair.

How can I apply?

To apply for the Deposit Guarantee Scheme, please make an appointment for a housing options interview at your local Advice and Support Hub. The person you meet will discuss your housing options and can refer you to the scheme.

What support will I get?

If accepted onto the scheme you need to find a suitable property. We can then support you to:

  • Contact private landlords to tell them about the scheme
  • Access advice and support services to help you sustain your new tenancy
  • Fill in any forms at the start of your tenancy

We will also keep in touch throughout the guarantee period to help ensure your tenancy goes smoothly.