Local groups and organisations in Maddiston were given the chance to apply for funding to improve their community.

Residents voted for the projects that they though were most deserving of funding in a ‘first past the post’ ballot

You can read about the succesful projects below:

    Central Kempo Ju-Jitsu School

    Central Kempo Ju-Jitsu School has been training children and adults in the art of self defence, discipline and interacting with others over the past 25 years. The group presently has 45 pupils and is rapidly expanding.

    If successful, Central Kempo intends to use their funding to purchase new martial arts mats and combat equipment to help them continue to teach the kids of Maddiston the arts of self discipline, self defence through the oriental martial arts in a safe and friendly environment.

    The Central Kempo Ju-Jitsu School project will meet a key community priority of supporting young people and older people to work together on a specific project.

    Starshine Cheer and Dance - Central Scotland Ballet School

    Starshine is an award winning cheer and dance team who train on Sundays in Maddiston Community Centre. They are the competitive element of Central Scotland Ballet School which runs a wide range of children's dance classes in the Community Centre, Golf Club and Primary School.

    The team has won prizes at Scottish, UK, European and World level and are excelling in their field. Their dancers need better facilities to practise their gymnastic skills and hope to use the funding to purchase an inflatable springboard and/or tumble track for training in the Centre for use by the competitive and recreational dancers.

    The Starshine Cheer and Dance project will meet a key community priority of improving the lives of children and young people.

    Maddiston Welfare Park facilities, equipment & kit improvement

    Maddiston Mini's are hoping to receive funding to purchase sports equipment and a football kit. They would also use the funding to upgrade the changing rooms at Maddiston Welfare Park which caters for 4 youth teams and 1 adult team.

    The refurbished sports facilities would attract more members of all ages to play and participate in the football club in a much more comfortable and modern facility. Above all, the project would help bring a feel good factor & togetherness to Maddiston Mini's for both the kids and adults from the Maddiston area. They will benefit in terms of their personal development, fitness, lifestyle & social interaction.

    The Maddiston Mini's project will meet key community priorities of improving community spirit, improving the lives of children and young people and local provision of services.

    Maddiston Junior Youth Club

    Maddiston Junior Youth Club provides children from Primary 1 to Primary 7 from the Maddiston village area a place where they feel safe and secure. Children are able to play, learn and make new friends in a lively and social environment.

    Maddiston Junior Youth Club is hoping to use the funding to purchase additional sports equipment, arts and crafts materials and cooking utensils. They would also like to use the grant to organise outings and even a weekend activity break. They hope this will encourage kids to keep attending and also attract new members to the Youth Club. A sum of the funding would go to providing additional training for their volunteers.

    The Maddiston Youth Club project will meet a key community priority of supporting young people and older people to work together on a specific project

    Maddiston Primary School Outdoor Classroom Project

    Maddiston Primary School Parent and Staff Association (MPPSA) realise that children are happier and learn better when they are outside. Teaching outdoors has many long-term benefits in children; increased health, motivation, memory and communication skills, decreased stress and overall better behaviour; and combining the natural environment with practical learning.

    MPPSA is seeking funding to build an outdoor teaching structure with a stage area. This sheltered space; suitable for use in all weather, will provide many learning opportunities including performing music and drama to an audience. It can also be used as a quiet area during lunch and playtime.

    The Maddiston Primary School Outdoor Classroom Project will meet the key community priorities of improving the lives and learning of children and young people and improving access to a local service.