This is your chance to vote for how money is spent in your community.

Voting for the Place-based Capital Programme is now open and will close on Friday, 16 July. Results will be announced shortly afterwards.

Earlier this year, in partnership with Falkirk's Health and Social Care Partnership, we launched the Community Choices initiative – a fund of over £3M over two years where local communities apply for funding to bring about the changes that can make a difference to your community.

How it works

  1. Find and select the Council ward you live in below. Not sure? Check the map below.
  2. Read about the proposals in your ward.
  3. Vote for the proposals you want to see funded.

Which area are you in?

If you're not sure which area you are in, have a look at the map below.


About this map

Click on the map to see the ward information for that area.

Frequently asked questions

Am I eligible to vote?

Do you live in the Falkirk Council area? Are you of high school age or over? If the answer to both questions is yes, then you're eligible to vote.

Do I need to register to vote?

No. Simply select the ward you live in and you will be asked to provide your Name, Email address and Postcode. These personal details are collected to ensure voting fairness and integrity and will not be shared publicly.

How do I vote – when and where?

Voting opens for Capital funding proposals at 9am on Monday 21 June and runs for four weeks until Friday 16 July. You can vote anytime during these four weeks. 

Capital funding proposals can be voted on from 21 June to 16 July.

Can I vote for my proposal?

As long as it’s for the ward in which you live, yes.

Why is a proposed project only listed in one ward, when I know it benefits people who live in other areas?

Community Choices funds are allocated at ward level. Applicants were asked to specify the main ward that would benefit from the proposal.

Can people who share an email address vote more than once?

Every resident can only vote for the proposals in their ward. To make the voting as fair as possible we will only accept one vote per email address.


Are there estimated costs for each of the proposals, and how much money is available in my ward?

Yes – each applicant has requested a specific amount to deliver its proposed project, which can clearly be seen.

In this round of Community Choices, £1M of capital funds has been allocated at ward level according to the number of children in poverty in that ward. The amount available in each ward can be seen below.

Ward Capital funds available
Bo’ness and Blackness £95,042
Grangemouth £119,733
Denny and Banknock £123,261
Carse, Kinnaird and Tryst £110,915
Bonnybridge and Larbert £79,953
Falkirk North £192,828
Falkirk South £94,062
Lower Braes £73,682
Upper Braes £110,523
Total £1,000,000

Do I vote for more than one proposal?

It depends on how many project proposals are in your ward. Usually you will be asked to pick your 3 favourite ideas that you would like to see funded. The projects with the most votes will be awarded the funding requested until that ward's budget is drawn down.

I live in a small village; my idea won’t get enough votes – it’s unfair.

We have thought about this and will weight the proposals that are submitted from communities with smaller populations. The weighting is based on the population of the Community Council area that the proposal sits within.

I don’t live in the Falkirk Council area but I would like to vote. Can I do so?

No, unfortunately not. You need to live in a Falkirk Council ward area to be able to vote.

How are the votes counted?

The counting of votes will be overseen by the Community Choices Advisory Panel.