The COVID-19 Digital Exclusion Fund is to support organisations to tackle digital exclusion by providing people they support with connectivity, devices and digital support to individuals living in the Falkirk area who are:

  1. digitally excluded - do not have an appropriate device and/or are not connected to the internet at home; AND
  2. on low incomes so cannot afford to buy a device or pay for internet access

Organisations can apply for grants up to £5,000.

Getting online will help individuals access public services, support learning and training, help find or maintain work and provide resilience in the event of further lockdowns.

How it works

Public or third sector organisations that work with individuals that satisfy the eligibility criteria in Falkirk can apply.

Successful organisations will receive a grant enabling them to 'gift' individuals with equipment and connectivity as follows:

  • kit – internet enabled device – this could include smart phones, tablets, laptops, smart speakers etc
  • connectivity – through mobile data or Wi-Fi in community locations
  • training and support – for staff and volunteers to become 'digital champions' to support people to use the internet confidently and safely.

As Community centres, village halls and other multi-use community facilities have re-opened, this round of funding has been extended to include projects providing internet access to help communities get online. This could include devices for use within a community location or the provision of 'lending libraries' where organisations can purchase internet enabled devices and connectivity to lend to people who are digitally excluded.

If you have a proposal for how you might use this funding, that you want to discuss in advance of making an application, please contact Fairer Falkirk at

Decisions on applications will be made by Fairer Falkirk Partnership, part of Falkirk Community Planning Partnership.

How to apply

Applications must be submitted by 17 January 2022. Applications will be assessed by members of the Fairer Falkirk Partnership.

COVID-19 Digital Exclusion Fund application form
COVID-19 Digital Exclusion Fund Guidance

Please return the completed application form and any supporting documents to:

If you are unable to send the application electronically, please send a copy to the following address:

Fairer Falkirk, Falkirk Council
Callendar Business Park, The Forum
Callendar Road