This year's garden competition will be open to tenants and residents in the Falkirk area. There will be six categories and each category will have one tenant and one resident winner.

Closing date for applications is 20 May 2019 and judging will take place in June – entrants will be notified of the date their garden will be seen.

A prize giving ceremony will take place in September 2019. Winners will be notified in person and should expect to have pictures taken.

What we are looking for:

  • Best Garden Design: Year round interest, structure, and variety of planting
  • Best Wildlife Garden: Helping birds, insects and other creatures, with long grass, wildflowers, water, etc.
  • Best Communal Garden: A garden designed and / or maintained by a group of people, usually but not always neighbours.
  • Best Container Garden: Is your balcony or patio your pride and joy? We are looking for the best window boxes, hanging baskets, pots and containers
  • Neat and Tidy Garden: Do you cut your lawn with nail scissors and a spirit level? This is your category!

If your garden doesn’t quite fit these categories, feel free to enter for a SPOT PRIZE at the judge’s discretion.

Example: FK1 5RS
Example: 01324 506070
Please choose 1 of the following options:

Please tick at least 1 of the following:

Please note: Spot prize should only be selected if none of the other categories apply to you.