Following the submission of the Proposed Local Development Plan (LDP2) to Scottish Ministers for Examination on 25 July 2019, Mr Christopher Warren BA (Hons), DipTP, MRTPI from the Directorate of Planning and Environmental Appeals (DPEA) has now been appointed to undertake the development plan examination.

The Examination is managed by the DPEA and conducted by one or more reporters as required. It is anticipated that the examination should be complete within 6-9 months. If you submitted a representation, you do not need to do anything else unless the Reporter asks you for more information.

Information about the examination can be viewed on the DPEA website.

Further guidance on the examination process is available from the Scottish Government's website.

A guidance note that explains development plan examinations for people who have submitted representations is also available.

If you require further information about the progress of the examination please contact:

Morag Smith
Planning and Environmental Appeals
4 The Courtyard
Callendar Business Park

Schedule 4 Documents

As required by the legislation, we have grouped all unresolved matters contained in representations into relevant LDP2 issues. The unresolved issues are summarised in a standard form called Schedule 4s which includes our response, and are available to view below.

Unresolved Representations by Issue List
Issue 01 Vision
Issue 02 Strategic Housing Land
Issue 03 Bo'ness Housing Sites
Issue 04 Bonnybridge and Banknock Housing Sites
Issue 05 Maddiston and Rumford Housing Sites
Issue 06 Polmont Housing Sites
Issue 07 Wallacestone, Redding and Reddingmuirhead Housing Sites
Issue 08 California and Standburn Housing Sites
Issue 09 Slamannan and Limerigg Housing Sites
Issue 10 Whitecross Housing Sites
Issue 11 Denny Housing Sites
Issue 12 Falkirk Housing Sites
Issue 13 Larbert and Stenhousemuir Housing Sites
Issue 14 Airth Housing Sites
Issue 15 Other Rural North Housing Sites
Issue 16 Grangemouth Investment Zone
Issue 17 Other Business Sites
Issue 18 Place and Environment Policies
Issue 19 Other Housing Policies
Issue 20 Town Centre Policies and Proposals
Issue 21 Infrastructure Policies and Proposals
Issue 22 Energy Policies
Issue 23 Mineral Policies
Issue 24 Waste Policies and Proposals
Issue 25 Site Specific Environmental Mitigation
Issue 26 Miscellaneous

A short overview of the examination process can also be found in the latest Development Plan Newsletter.

Development plan newsletter (October 2019)
Development plan newsletter (September 2018)

What happens next?

It is the role of the Reporter to consider the unresolved issues and make recommendations as to whether LDP2 should be changed before it is adopted by the Council. Once all the unresolved issues have been considered, the Reporter publishes an Examination Report which will set out the Reporter's reasoning and consideration of the issues, including any recommended modifications. The Council will then modify the Proposed Plan in line with the Reporter's recommendations in the Examination Report. Shortly afterwards the modified plan will be adopted as the Local Development Plan.

Stage When What happens
Examination July 2019 - March 2020 Examination of unresolved issues by Scottish Government
Adoption Jul-20 The Plan is adopted