This funding is to enable payment of £2.50 per day as an alternative to free school meal provision during the school holidays. This provision will cover the summer holidays; the Christmas and Easter holidays and the mid-term holidays in October and February.

This payment will be made to children and young people who are awarded free school meals based on the Scottish Government eligibility criteria. To be eligible for payment, children and young people must have been approved for free school meals prior to the beginning of the relevant holiday period.

How will the payment be made to parents and carers?

We will make direct payments to your bank account, using the details we hold on your Free School Meals or Clothing Grant claim. If no bank details are held on file, payments will be issued by cheque.

When will I be paid?

Payments for each eligible pupil will be made at the start of the holiday periods in Summer, October, Christmas, February and Easter as follows:

Payment Amount Date payment to be made
Summer 2024
(Monday 01 July to Friday 09 August)
£75 Friday
28 June 2024
October 2024
(Monday 14 October to Friday 25 October)
£25 Friday
11 October 2024
Christmas 2024
(Monday 23 December to Friday 03 January)
£25 Friday
20 December 2024
February 2025
(Friday 14 February to Monday 17 February)
£5 Wednesday
12 February 2025
Easter 2025
(Monday 07 April to Monday 21 April)
£27.50 Friday
04 April 2025

While payments should be received on these dates, this may vary slightly depending on your bank and payment method. We will email eligible parents/carers to confirm the payment.

Who is not eligible for this additional support?

Pupils not eligible for this are:

  • Pre-school pupils in early years establishments.
  • P1-P5 pupils and those pupils in special educational settings where they receive a free meal through universal and not means-tested provision.

For further information please contact us: