This information shows when pupils will be on holiday from school. Pupils do not attend school on staff development days.

Changes to the original planned 2020/21 School Term dates

  • The 2020/21 term start date has been changed following instruction from the Scottish Government as part of their COVID-19 Recovery Route Map.
  • As the pupil start date of 12 August 2020 is a week earlier than was previously planned we have now extended the October break by a further week so it will be a 2 week break.
  • The staff development day originally planned for Monday 19 October 2020 is re-scheduled to Friday 7 May 2021.

List of school holiday dates

Holiday Start date End date
Christmas and new year Thursday, 24th December 2020 Wednesday, 6th January 2021
Term time public holiday Friday, 12th February 2021 Monday, 15th February 2021
Staff development day Tuesday, 16th February 2021 -
Easter holiday Friday, 2nd April 2021 Friday, 16th April 2021
Term time public holiday Monday, 3rd May 2021 -
Staff development day Thursday, 6th May 2021 Friday, 7th May 2021
Summer holiday Monday, 28th June 2021 Friday, 13th August 2021
Staff development day Monday, 16th August 2021 Tuesday, 17th August 2021
September weekend Monday, 13th September 2021 -
October week Monday, 11th October 2021 Friday, 15th October 2021
Staff development day Monday, 18th October 2021 -
Christmas and new year Wednesday, 22nd December 2021 Tuesday, 4th January 2022
Term time public holiday Friday, 11th February 2022 Monday, 14th February 2022
Staff development day Tuesday, 15th February 2022 -
Easter holiday Monday, 4th April 2022 Monday, 18th April 2022
Term time public holiday Monday, 2nd May 2022 -
Staff development day Thursday, 5th May 2022 -
Summer holiday Monday, 27th June 2022 -