Illegally parked drivers could face a £60 penalty charge notice from Monday 19th November as Falkirk Council introduces its new ‘Decriminalised Parking Enforcement Scheme’ (DPE) across all its town centres and communities.

Seven parking attendants are being employed to patrol known parking hotspots and enforce on street parking regulations.  Parking attendants will also continue to enforce the Council’s off-street car parks.  Six of these parking attendants will be operating on a full time enforcement basis.

The move is expected to improve the movement of town centre traffic, make roads and pavements safer for pedestrians, ensure disabled drivers can access dedicated parking bays and encourage more visitors into town centres.

Previously Police Scotland employed traffic wardens however these were withdrawn a number of years ago.

Councillor Paul Garner, spokesperson for the Environment said: “We have seen for some time now that a small minority chose to park illegally and inconvenience other road users and pedestrians.

“If you already park responsibly then there is absolutely no change here however those who choose to park illegally could face a fine of £60 for their inconsiderate attitude.

“Parking attendants will target areas that are problematic as well as carrying out random patrols across local town centres and communities.

“This is not a money making exercise and it may take the Council up to 20 years for the scheme to break even. Attendants are salaried staff and are not on commission nor do they have targets to meet.

“By introducing this scheme we believe that we can help boost interest in our town centres as well as making them safer for everyone.”

Alex Fleming, BID Manager, Falkirk Delivers said: ““Since the withdrawal of the previous parking regime, a number of our town centre businesses have been adversely affected by numerous parking and subsequent traffic issues so we welcome this move.

“As we look to ensure Falkirk is a town centre for everyone we must equally consider businesses needing access for deliveries, blue badge holders, pedestrians, those with sensory or mobility impairments and access for emergency vehicles, all of which can be affected by inconsiderate parking.”

New signage and yellow lines have been installed throughout the Falkirk Council area to ensure drivers can see clearly where they can and cannot park.

The £60 fine is reduced to £30 if paid within 14 days.

More information can be found on our parking information page.