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What is myaccount?

myaccount is a simple, secure way to access a range of Scottish public services online using just one username and password. It is provided by the Improvement Service and funded by Scottish Government. myaccount is designed to work nationwide - giving public sector organisations across Scotland a shared, secure method of verifying who you are online.

How do I register for myaccount?

Please ensure you register for myaccount using your OWN details, and not your child's details.

Register with myaccount.

What should I do if I have a problem with myaccount?

See our help page for more information.

Who should I contact if I need help with the service?

See our help page for more information.

What else can I use the myaccount for?

Your myaccount can also be used to sign into My Falkirk.

My Falkirk allows you to request and receive Council services online using your computer or smartphone, any day of the week, when it's most convenient for you.

Sign into My Falkirk.

Can I still make cash payments?

You can continue to make cash payments for school meals and activities in the same way as you do now. However, online payments is secure, quick and easy and means that your child would no longer need to take cash or cheques to school. In addition, you get a full overview of the money on your child's account, the meals ordered, and an overview of payments made.

How are you using my personal data?

Please see our Privacy notice for Schools and Education for more information.

My child gets Free School Meals (FSM), do I still need to use this service?

iPayImpact will automatically credit a meal to your child's account every day. The service can still be used for other forms of school payment, as well as meal selection.

I have more than one child, how do I link accounts?

You will receive a letter from each child's school when they are configured to use iPayImpact. The letter will contain a unique identifier for that child. Sign in to your existing iPayImpact myaccount and follow the instructions outlined in the letters to add additional children to that account.

Additional family members can also be provided with a login to make payments for your child or children.

How do I top up my child’s account?

Once you are registered through your myaccount you will be directed to your home page in iPayImpact. For each child added, you can add items to the shopping basket, check, amend items and value, before proceeding to check out and following the payment instructions.

Which methods of payment are accepted?

You can make payments with all major credit and debit cards.