The following guidance should be implemented for health & social care employees who:

  • develop symptoms of respiratory infection
  • have a positive test for COVID-19; or
  • have a household member or overnight contact who has tested positive for COVID-19.

This new guidance should apply from 01 May 2022. This guidance should be read in conjunction with the updated Stay at Home advice for the general public.

Guidance for health and social care staff has evolved throughout the pandemic to reflect the latest clinical and public health advice and this latest update reflects that. The full guidance to apply in each of the above circumstances is available on the Scottish Government website.

Routine asymptomatic testing

Health and social care staff are no longer required to carry out regular asymptomatic testing for COVID-19. Staff who are showing COVID-19-like symptoms, including a high temperature, or do not feel well enough to attend work should still take an LFD test as soon as they feel unwell.

Health and social care staff will get free access to any additional LFD tests advised as part of this guidance. Test results should be reported on the NSS testing portal.

If staff receive a positive LFD test result, they should follow Scottish Government advicefor staff who receive a positive LFD test result for COVID-19.

Who does this guidance apply to?

The guidance applies to health and social care staff and volunteers in Scotland who work with patients and service users in face-to-face settings. In terms of social care, the following roles would be considered service user face-to-face roles:

  • members of staff or volunteers who are regularly in a social care setting (for example, a care home or adult day care centre).
  • this includes cleaners, catering, and support staff but does not include office-based staff members who do not enter these settings.
  • in the context of an individual's own home (including sheltered or very sheltered housing), this includes those who provide care or support to the individual such as those staff working in care at home and personal assistants but not for example maintenance staff.

All other health and social care staff should follow the Stay at Home guidance for the general population.

Advice for the general population

From 01 May 2022, most people no longer need to take a coronavirus test and should follow guidance on staying at home if unwell.

Coronavirus, and other respiratory infections such as flu, can spread easily and cause serious illness in some people. Vaccinations are very effective at preventing serious illness from coronavirus. But there's still a chance you might catch coronavirus, or another respiratory infection, and pass it on to other people.

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