Reopening of buildings

As the Council begins to resume its services we will see more people returning to the workplace. We need to make sure our buildings are safe for people to use.

The checklist will take Premises Managers through the checks that need to be carried out if a building has been:

  • closed to ensure it can be allowed to safely reopen
  • fully/partially open during lockdown to ensure appropriate safety measures are in place.

Once the checklist is complete it should be emailed to The Premises Manager and Chief Officer will then be notified if the building can be reopened. Buildings must not be reopened before the checks are completed.

The order in which buildings reopen will be subject to a corporate approval process and no building should reopen without this approval.

Reopening of buildings checklist

Building closures

The decision to close a building will be made by the relevant Chief Officer. This decision should only be made after consulting the Services' Business Continuity Plan.

The Premises Manager should consider the possibility of closing a building if any of the following situations occur:

  • There are not enough suitable staff to implement the building's Fire Evacuation Procedure.
  • There are not enough suitable staff within the building to undertake or facilitate building compliance checks detailed within the Premises Manager Handbook (such as fire alarm tests, emergency lighting test, legionella temperature checks).
  • There are not enough suitable staff to assist those occupants with Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPs) to exit the building appropriately in the event of a fire or other emergency. Wherever possible people who have a PEEP should work from home.
  • It is not possible to maintain an adequate level of cleanliness within the building. Examples of this would include:
    • inability to dispose of food scraps
    • inability to clean bathrooms and food preparation areas

Where there is concern over any of the above, the Premises Manager should alert the Chief Officer who will make any decision to close a building.

In the event that a building is to close, clear communication should be issued to all employees who attend the building, including business support staff. All other services should also be notified along with Trade Unions.

In the event that a building is being closed, use the Building closure checklist:

Building closure checklist