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The ILM Certificate in Leadership & Management qualification is ideal for established and experienced team leaders or those new to leading a distinct team where they have overall responsibility. The qualification takes an in depth look at how to:

  • make quality decisions
  • support employees develop
  • lead a team within a Council of the Future context.

The ILM Certificate in Leadership & Management normally comprises of 7 classroom days covering 6 modules and 2 e-learning modules. At present due to restrictions all of the training is delivered virtually using MS Teams therefore it is not classroom attendance. There are a series of 2 hour sessions to attend. It is important that every effort is made to attend all of the virtual sessions and that access to a laptop is a requirement

The topics covered on the course are:

  • Understanding leadership
  • Using information to solve problems (e-learning)
  • Understanding innovation and change
  • Understanding how to establish an effective team
  • Understanding performance management
  • Understanding stress management in the workplace (e-learning)
  • Understanding training and coaching in the workplace
  • Understanding how to motivate to improve performance
  • The Assessment on this qualification requires the candidate to complete 8 Work Based Assignments.
Course Date(s) 

23/09/21, 29/09/21, 05/10/21, 26/10/21, 04/11/21, 09/11/21, 18/11/21, 24/11/21, 02/12/21, 07/12/21,14/12/21, 13/01/22, 18/01/22, 27/01/22, 02/02/22, 10/02/22, 15/02/22, 15/03/22

Venue  Virtual
Cost £137 per delegate