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This course has been designed to support and encourage employees to cycle to work. The 2-part module has been prepared by experienced cycle commuters. Each module lasts 3½ hours and can be delivered as morning, afternoon or evening sessions. The course will give basic advice on bikes, routes and the practical logistics of arriving at work prepared for the day ahead. The tutor will provide basic information and include as much practical riding experience as possible.

The aim is to equip riders with a riding strategy that can be applied to any traffic situation that is encountered.

A study by Cycle Training UK showed that after on-road cycle training the majority of trainees cycle more confidently, cycle further, make more trips by bicycle and are happy to cycle year round.

The 2 course modules will cover the following:

  • The benefits of riding to work
  • Bike selection for commuting
  • What to wear and personal clothing strategies
  • Highway code
  • Choice of commuting route
  • Lights, bike security and how to carry things
  • Using a bike with other forms of transport
  • Looking after your bike
  • Riding on the road
  • Useful cycling information

If you are interested in taking part in a Commuter Cycle Training Session, please email for more information. The courses will be provided as much as possible at your place of work, and there is a minimum requirement of 8 people to run each course.

Prerequisites  A bike and suitable clothing
Cost £25