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This ½ day course will provide nominated employees with the knowledge and skills to ensure they understand the responsibilities the Fire Warden in the safe evacuation of premises and to provide the employees with the knowledge and practical skills to extinguish a fire with the use of fire extinguishers. The course will include 2 parts as follows:

  1. Classroom Session

    • Understand the main elements of a safe evacuation of a premises
    • Understand the chemistry of fire
    • Identify the types of fire you can find at work/home
    • Understand the types of fire extinguishers available and the colour coding
    • Understand how to use a fire extinguisher safely and their capabilities and limitations of use.
  2. Practical Safe Use of Fire Extinguishers

    • Selecting the correct extinguishers for different types of fire
    • Fire extinguisher features
    • The methodology behind the SAFE use of fire extinguishers
    • Practical demonstrations.
Course Date(s)

No dates scheduled

Venue  Grangemouth Stadium
Kersiebank Avenue
Cost £35