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The Premises Managers' Handbook has been designed to assist those managers who have been nominated as 'Premises Managers' by their Service to effectively manage the health & safety risks associated with premises.

Training is provided to suit Premises Managers as follows:

Premises Managers Handbook Training – Workshops

The Health, Safety & Care Team will provide training for managers newly appointed as a Premises Manager, or refresher training for any existing Premises Manager, to ensure they fully understand the roles, responsibilities and tasks detailed within the Premises Managers' Handbook.

By the end of the workshop you will:

  • Know the key elements of each of the Topics.
  • Understand the level of evidence required for each Topic.
  • Have identified the role of the manager in managing and where support can be provided to support the manager.
Course Date

No dates scheduled  

If you have any premises management issues prior to attending the next available course date please do not hesitate to contact Health, Safety & Care.

Venue  Room 317
Municipal Buildings
Cost nil

To book on this workshop please contact

Premises Managers Handbook Training – 1:1 Training

Available on request from the Health, Safety & Care Team. For further information and/or to arrange 1:1 training, please contact