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Target Audience

Staff with budget responsibility and/or with management or supervisory responsibility of staff involved in the procurement process.


The course aim is to support all levels of procurement activity within the authority, to facilitate best practice and consistency across the authority to add value and deliver value for money.

The course will provide information on:

  • Overview of the importance of procurement best practice
  • Contract Standing Orders explained and key sections highlighted
  • Financial Regulations explained and officer's responsibilities emphasised
  • An overview of the corporate procurement procedures and roles and responsibilities explained.

Course Content

Contract Standing orders:

  • Why we need contract standing orders
  • When the contract standing orders apply
  • When we need to tender
  • What we need to include in tender documents
  • Who has the authority to award contracts
  • What is procurement?
  • What do we need to do once a contract is awarded?

Council's Financial Regulations:

  • Overview of Financial Regulations
  • Senior Officers’ responsibilities
  • The Three Lines of Defence.

Corporate Procurement Procedures:

  • Support CSO's – Mandatory
  • Provide assurance that contracts are let & managed effectively & legally
  • Standardised procurement practices and procedures across the Council
  • Are available on the Council's intranet.
Course Date If you have a requirement for Contract Standing Orders & Financial Regulations training, can you please email with details of all staff requiring training and a training date shall be arranged accordingly.
Venue  The Forum
Callendar Business Park
Cost nil

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