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This on-line training course is designed for all public sector staff and volunteers irrespective of their role. For many years now, there has been a growing awareness that harm, neglect or exploitation of children is a very real problem in our society and everyone has a role in protection.

This basic awareness training has been developed, and is available to all staff and volunteers who have access to the On-line Learning Zone (Olle), and may serve as a beginning point in a learning pathway around Child Protection.

This course aims to:

  • Raise your awareness about child protection
  • Explain some of the possible indicators of abuse or neglect
  • Tell you what you should do if you are worried that a child may be being abused or neglected.

This course will meet the basic needs of many staff and volunteers within the public sector and beyond, for many other staff additional training, specifically covering more detailed areas of child protection may be required.


The course is free and available at any time through our eLearning platform, OLLE.