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You said they were difficult to complete and felt like a tick box exercise so we’ve changed them – goodbye Achievement & Personal Development Scheme (APDS) and hello, well, actually we need your help to name their replacement.

Currently we’re calling them ‘Good Conversations’ because that’s what we want them to be – open and honest discussions about what matters to you, our employees. That means objective setting will no longer be the sole aim, instead the emphasis will be on finding out what matters to you and how we can improve your working life.

Developed as part of the Council of the Future Fit for the Future project, the focus of the new scheme – which includes sections on Health & Wellbeing and Improvements - arose after a hackathon highlighted significant issues with APDS which has been in place for 12 years.

Doug Maden, Senior Organisational Development Adviser, said: “What we have created is a flexible scheme that incorporates RITA, our Council of the Future values, and encourages people to have a proper conversation about how it feels to work where they do, which means the paperwork will aid the conversation rather than the conversation aiding the paperwork.”

Now, Organisational Development is asking for your help to choose the best name for the scheme. Simply pick from the list of names below, which were suggested at the hackathon, by Friday, November 29th

  • Personal Development Review
  • My Contribution
  • Good Conversations