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It’s January and the start of a new decade, which means there’s never been a better time to make New Year’s resolutions.

You’ve probably got your personal goals set. Now it’s time to choose a resolution your whole team can work towards, because goals are always easier to achieve together.

But what could that be? Why not do something that research shows can help reduce stress and increase productivity; something that will declutter your work space and make working Anytime, Anywhere easier.

Yes, organise regular clear out days! Getting into the habit of having a clear desk and workplace is essential, especially as there will be less space and storage as we move to Anytime, Anywhere room styles.

Many of you will have undertaken clear out days in the past – some may still do them (go you guys) – but if you don’t, make clearing your workspace a collective priority for 2020.

Save the date

Once you’ve agreed to declutter together what next?

  • Pick a date and time for your first cleaning event and pop it in the diary then decide how often - every month, bi-monthly or even every quarter? Be realistic. You know how messy you all can be! And remember, clear outs aren’t about making room so you can start hording paper, pens and non-essentials again; the aim is to keep things clear once you’ve decluttered.
  • Because we want every team to regularly do clear outs, as a courtesy – and to ensure there’s not a queue at the shredder - let others on your floor know when you are dusting down the worksurfaces.
  • You'll also need to let your local Customer & Business Support team know the date too so they can ensure there's capacity should confidential paperwork need disposed of. They'll also be able to provide clear plastic bags for non-confidential paper recycling.
  • Ensure everyone knows the records your team are required to keep and for how long. Record retention schedules are online.
  • Clear out days don’t just have to be about physical space. Factor in time to get your digital files in order. If you have a laptop you can do this anytime, anywhere! Remember to scan and upload any hardcopy files you need (as digital files take up less space and are easier to find) and shred or recycle original documents.
  • Setting goals for your clear outs might be beneficial such as striving to be paper lite and avoiding the creation of mountains of files.
  • And make CLEAN UP your team mantra:
    • Clean team spaces
    • Let go of what you don’t need
    • Every desk clutter free
    • Always remember to recycle
    • No excess printing
    • Use your space wisely
    • Personal items taken home

Cleaning day!

The day has arrived and you’ve your marigolds on and bin bags at the ready. Before you clear out like Kim and Aggie:

  • Go over the clear out goals you set and be realistic about what you can achieve together in the time you’ve set aside.
  • Focus on completing one task before moving to the next, as we all know how easy it is to start multiple things and end up in a muddle.
  • Make sure no one lifts anything heavy or overfills bags, and remember not to block fire exits, access routes or stairwells with filled bags.
  • If you end up with multiple bags of waste – or large items that need removed - give the caretaker a heads-up so they are can factor in time to appropriately dispose of things.
  • Old technology including hardware, printers and cables must be disposed of professionally. A computer disposal request form can be found on Inside (click Services, Corporate & Housing Services, People, Technology & Transformation, ICT Services and scroll down to downloads). For more information email.
  • If you have confidential waste to destroy speak to your Customer & Business Support team and visit Inside, policies, records management and scroll down to destruction of records. For further information email.