Good records management is fundamental to the Council's efficiency and effectiveness. Under the Public Records (Scotland) Act 2011, we have a records management plan in place.

Records Management Plan

The final Assessment Report is published on the National Records of Scotland's website.

Effective records management makes sure that:

  • All information we receive or create is stored correctly.
  • All information is accessible.
  • All information is destroyed or saved as set out in our retention and disposal schedule.
  • Our system meets current and future needs and is adaptable.
  • We have correct technical, organisational and human resources to make this possible.

The Records Management and Preservation of Archives Policy was approved by the Council's Chief Executive in June 2020.

Records Management and Preservation of Archival Records Policy

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Business Classification & Retention Schedule

Our Business Classification & Retention Schedule (BCS) identifies the different types of recorded information held by Council Services. It sets out how long information should be retained and what happens to that information at disposal. This helps us to ensure we keep information for no longer than necessary and therefore comply with data protection legislation.

We have recently updated our BCS using template schedules provided by the Scottish Council on Archives who suggest best practice, function-based structures for records, alongside appropriate timescales for retention, based on statutory and business requirements. These were reviewed by all services and approved by our Information Management Working Group on 29th August 2019.

There are 26 schedules in total. To view these you can either select an individual schedule or choose the combined PDF to view them all.

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Children and Family Services
Community Safety
Consumer Affairs
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Cemeteries and Crematoria
Criminal Justice
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