If there’s one thing COVID-19 made clear – we can achieve great things if we work together towards a common goal.

And it was with that learning in mind new council priorities have been created to align our thinking and help keep us all on the same page moving forward.

The priorities, refined at a series of Elected Members workshops, and agreed at the Emergency Executive yesterday, will now underpin our decision-making and become the bedrock of our Corporate Plan and five-year Business Plan.

Both plans will go before members in September and will clearly set out how we’ll create a greener and more economically vibrant area with healthier, happier and more prosperous communities that are digitally enabled and empowered to make key financial decisions for themselves.

Written in stone

The following priorities will support our communities, businesses and workforce, helping us to revitalise Falkirk in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

People in our communities are supported to live their lives well

  • enabling communities through Participatory Budgeting
  • promoting resilience
  • support young people leaving care
  • taking positive action to address poverty and inequalities
  • ensure communities have access to digital devices to improve access and skills.

Enable everyone to fulfil their potential

  • reopening our schools safely
  • using digital learning in classrooms to help narrow the attainment gap
  • working with partners to create employment opportunities for young people
  • supporting the mental and physical wellbeing of our communities.

Help businesses to thrive & make Falkirk more prosperous

  • ensuring council support is in place to help get business back on track
  • boosting support for employment and training, particularly for young people
  • getting transport working to support businesses, communities and young people.

Working with our communities to make them healthier, safer & more sustainable

  • working with communities to life full and positive lives within inclusive and supportive communities
  • focusing on housing allocations and repairs
  • tackling climate change and improving our environment
  • working with communities on the issues that matter to them.

An innovative & entrepreneurial council, providing effective leadership to help transform

  • getting a digital roadmap for communities – they need skills, access and devices
  • ensuring a ‘One Council’ approach, breaking down silos and barriers, showing leadership, tackling bureaucracy, and operating at pace
  • using our resources where needed most – and recognise that we potentially have to stop doing some things
  • making decisions on assets in the short and long term, especially buildings and digital infrastructure.

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