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The Cycle to Work scheme is now open until 29 October 2021. 

This scheme has helped over 900 employees save up to 32% of the cost of buying a bicycle since it launched 10 years ago.

Operating as a salary sacrifice scheme, Cycle to Work allows you to lease a bike – including e-bikes -  over the period of a year, paying 12 equal payments to cover the cost.

At the end of the hire period you can either enter a zero-cost extended hire arrangement, purchase the bike at the fair market value at that time (plus VAT), or return the bike to a Halfords store.

Applications will be processed within 2 weeks of applying, allowing you to receive your letter of collection quickly after applying rather than when the scheme closes.  All deductions will start in November 2021.

Cycling has increased over recent months, it is a proven benefit for mental health/wellbeing in addition to physical health and Falkirk has great cycle paths available. 

You’ll need to make sure that 50% of the bike's use is for a work-related journey. There is no need for you to keep a log of your journeys. If you are currently working from home, you can still apply for the scheme and complete 50% of those journeys during the second half of the year.

You should check for availability of the bike you are interested in before applying for the scheme as there are still shortages of bikes nationally.

Mountain bike is wheely fun!

Three years ago, having never been on a bike since childhood, Julie took the plunge, buying her first bike through the Cycle to Work scheme.

A keen hill walker and yoga teacher, she wanted to increase her fitness with the addition of a bike to use to travel to work but also use for longer trips on evenings and weekends.

“I’d always wanted a bike but was put off by the cost and not knowing if it would just gather dust in my shed. However, when I looked into the Cycle to Work scheme, it seemed a dream could come true but at a really affordable cost which was spread over 12 months.

“It was such an easy process to complete and within two weeks I had a mountain bike plus a helmet and gloves. My first trip to work was quite nerve wracking and it took me a while to work out the gears but I can say its been a great experience!

“We have a fantastic path network across the Falkirk Council area which has made it really easy to get out and about on my bike without having to venture much onto main roads which for a first time biker was a real plus.”

While there hasn’t been much opportunity to cycle to work over the last 19 months, Julie has used her bike regularly and has just bought a bike rack for some adventures further afield.