The scheme will re-open later in the year, please check back for dates.

At present we are advised there is a shortage of bikes due to the pandemic and our current providers are making slight adjustments to their scheme. Our Cycle to Work Scheme runs twice a year – usually March & September/October. This will be delayed this year, we hope to be able to open the scheme before December and will update this page when information is available.

Updated 29 September 2020

Are you considering a healthier, more sustainable way of travelling?

If so then the cycle to work scheme may be just what you are looking for!

What is the scheme?

Cycle to work allows you to lease a bike and cycling safety equipment for commuting, work related activities and leisure to the value of between £100 and £2000.

The cost of this will be deducted from your salary over a 12 month period. At the end of the lease agreement, the Council may give you the opportunity to take ownership of the cycle at fair market value in accordance with HMRC guidance in place at that time.

As with other salary sacrifice arrangements, those who participate in the scheme will make Tax and National Insurance savings.

Check out the calculator at to see what savings can be made.

After your application has been approved, your Letter of Collection (LOC) will be emailed if you have provided Sodexo with your email address or posted to your home address around 2-3 weeks after the scheme closes.

Important information

  • The scheme will run for 12 months and the first deduction from salary will be made on the first available pay date after your application has been approved by HR.
  • You can use the calculator to see how much money you can save and read the FAQ's.