This hall is based in Skye Court off Bowhouse Road, Grangemouth. It has:

  • Large reception area
  • Foyer/Cafe area
  • Meeting room
  • Main hall with stage and dressing room
  • Smaller hall
  • Large kitchen
  • Small kitchen
  • Soft play area
  • Toilets
  • Disabled toilets with baby changing area

There is full disabled access to this hall but no off street parking.

Cost information

The cost and hire charges for this hall are set out by the Management Committee.

Booking information

All bookings for this hall are taken by the Management Committee.

Please contact Sharon Ure to book the hall:

The hall is available for let on those days and times when no activities are taking place.


Event Starts
Tuesday, 6th August 2024
Wednesday, 14th August 2024
Tuesday, 3rd September 2024
Wednesday, 11th September 2024
Tuesday, 1st October 2024