The Strategic Performance Management Framework will help us monitor progress on the objectives the Council aims to achieve over the next five years which are set out in The Council Plan.

The framework also factors in wider performance management arrangements, for example statutory returns, partnership working arrangements, and different legal, regulatory, or policy frameworks.

It builds on the systems and processes already in place and will look to improve these to make sure that performance reporting is clear and effective.

The Strategies and Programmes that play a part in this

Pyramid showing The Falkirk Plan at the top with The Council Plan next, then Core Strategies, then Service Plans, then Good Conversations and finally Falkirk Performs at the bottom

The 'golden thread' is the term used in local government to describe the flow of national priorities for improvement through to local and, more specifically, Council plans.

The Falkirk Council Strategic Performance Management Framework helps demonstrate how the national priorities of The Scottish Government National Performance Framework are linked to the plans and strategies within Falkirk Council right down to the priorities of colleagues in the Council as part of the ongoing work of the Good Conversations network our colleagues take part in. Our performance and progress is published here on the Council website Falkirk Performs.

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Scottish Government National Performance Framework

The Scottish Government National Performance outlines their priorities and outcomes they want to achieve for the people of Scotland. Falkirk Council has a statutory obligation to show that we are working towards achieving the defined priorities and outcomes set out in the framework.

The Falkirk Plan 2021 - 2030

All local authorities have a statutory duty to develop and report on a Local Outcomes Improvement Plan. This is The Falkirk Plan. The Falkirk Plan works with Community Planning Partnerships (Council, Police, NHS, Fire & Rescue, Third Sector, Businesses, Education etc) and communities to identify the key priorities that are important to our local communities. Extensive community conversations were conducted to ensure the plan reflect what people in our area need.

Best Value Strategic Action Plan

The Best Value Action Plan 2022 sets out the actions the Council will take to embed new processes and ways of working that will fundamentally change and improve how it functions. It has set out the approach in the Council Plan

Best Value Action Plan 2022

The Council Plan

Rooted in The Falkirk Plan and Best Value, the Council Plan is the overarching strategy for Falkirk Council to help deliver on our Falkirk Plan commitments and other key business strategies, programmes and plans.

Financial Strategy

This is a 5-year strategy for financial sustainability to ensure short, and long term, financial stability, driven by the work outlined in the Council Plan.

Council of the Future - Transformation and Improvement

This is a change programme for big scale transformation and savings projects and improvement work focused on the work outlined in the Council Plan.

Workforce Plans

This is how we will embed new ways of collaborative working, providing our employees with the tools and support they need to deliver quality service and deliver the Council Plan.

Other Core Strategies

There are targeted strategies across the Council and Partners that support the delivery of The Falkirk Plan and the Council Plan priorities. These include: Local Housing Strategy, Falkirk National Improvement Framework, Digital Falkirk, Green & Active Travel Plans for workplaces, Falkirk Economic Strategy, Litter Strategy - A Cleaner Falkirk, Waste Strategy, Green Transport Initiative,

Service Plans

These are the operational plans that take the work areas of the Council Plan and set out what each Service needs to do to deliver them. They will include reference to the core strategies and programmes each Service has committed to deliver.

Good Conversations

Good Conversations will make the Service Plans relevant to teams and individuals. Our Good Conversations framework aims to ensure that our employees feel valued, motivated, engaged, and empowered - we will build on this by implementing a wellbeing strategy for staff.

Performance Management Framework

We report to the public, Elected Members and officers – timeline:

  • Council Plan: 6-monthly to Elected Members.
  • Scrutiny: A performance review statement on Council Plan progress mid-year (December) and end of year (June).
  • Council of the Future: Project reports to Elected Members requiring decisions as required
  • Strategy updates: Reports to Elected Members as required.
  • Service Plans: Officer performance review statements, twice in-year (September and March).