Falkirk Council is committed to enabling and empowering communities to influence how services are designed, delivered, and resourced. By providing opportunities for participation and engagement the Council recognises that this will result in better and more informed decision-making.

As part of this commitment to community empowerment, we have introduced a new digital engagement platform called Participate+.

The platform, which replaces our previous survey tool, has been designed to provide a space for people who live, work in, or visit the Falkirk area to be actively involved in local decision-making.

It provides a range of participation and engagement methods that will enable you to contribute to your community and the decisions that affect it. There will be a range of opportunities and ways for you to participate including surveys, public voting, in-person and online meetings and discussions.

On Participate+ you can follow the progress of engagement and consultation projects that interest you, see the results, get updates on new events and discover opportunities to get involved.

To view current projects and register to participate, please go to Participate+.