The total number of ballot papers counted in the referendum in the Falkirk Council area is 108,626. The turnout is 88.7%.

The total number of votes cast in relation to each answer to the referendum question in this area is as follows:

OutcomeNumber of Votes

The reasons for rejection are as follows:

Reason for rejection Number of papers
a) want of an official mark 0
b) voting in favour of both answers 14
c) writing or mark by which voter could be identified 3
d) unmarked or void for uncertainty 90
Total 107

Area breakdown

Falkirk East

OutcomeNumber of Votes

Falkirk West

OutcomeNumber of Votes

It is important to note that while ballot boxes from polling stations were allocated and counted by area (based on Scottish Parliamentary constituencies) this was not the case for postal ballot boxes which were distributed evenly across the two counting areas. Postal ballot boxes would, therefore, have contained votes from any area. As postal ballot papers accounted for 14.5% of all votes cast, the figures given in the tables above can provide only a broad indication of the voting outcomes in each of the areas.