ECO Stars is a scheme which rates the environment performance of commercial vehicles. It gives commercial vehicle operators advice on how to improve their fuel efficiency and reduce their running costs.

It also encourages them to help improve local air quality and other environmental issues by improving their fleet performance.

The scheme is free and is open to all operators of vans, trucks, buses and coaches:

  • Who are based in the Falkirk Council area
  • Who are based outside the Falkirk Council area, but their vehicles regular drive through the Falkirk Council area

There are currently 250 fleet members who run 8,156 vehicles and 7 taxi members who run 244 vehicles (subject to annual vehicle amount fluctuations) in or through the Falkirk Council area.

ECO Stars members (Dec 2020)

How to apply

Please read the guidance notes before completing the form.

Guidance notes
Membership application form

You can submit your completed application form to:

ECO Stars Fleet Recognition Scheme Administrator
Minster House, Minster Pool Walk
WS13 6QT