We have an excellent track record with over 20 years of concerted effort in greenspace creation and enhancement.

The visionary and ground-breaking Falkirk Greenspace Initiative begun in 1993 has transformed our local environment, dramatically improved perceptions of our area, and played a crucial role in helping deliver the Central Scotland Forest.

Our focus is now on maintaining our record in delivering quality greenspace and enhancing our partnership performance to make Falkirk the "place to be". We want to build on this success to achieve our over-arching vision; to contribute towards the Central Scotland Forest and the Central Scotland Green Network.

Falkirk Greenspace: A Strategy for our Green Network was approved in October 2013. This details a range of opportunities and proposals for our continued focus on delivering quality greenspace.

Falkirk Greenspace - A Strategy for our Green Network

Through its delivery, the strategy will connect areas of natural, semi-natural and man-made open spaces within our towns and villages, and create links into the wider countryside. The development of a high quality, multi-functional green network will provide a range of benefits for people, businesses and wildlife across our area.

Falkirk Environment Trust

Falkirk Environment Trust was set up in 1998 to support projects that benefit the people and environment of the Falkirk Council area.

Since that time it has distributed £3.9 million of direct funding and attracted over £20 million to the area through partnership projects. Funding is principally from landfill tax credits returning to the area from the Avondale landfill site near Polmont.

Falkirk Environment Trust Business Plan 2009-14

Partners, partnerships and initiatives

We are involved in a wide range of initiatives through which the policies and aspirations of our Development Plan are delivered.

These projects involve liaison and partnership with other key public, private and third sector agencies. The following is a sample of initiatives and partners. You can find more information on each of the websites listed: