As a Falkirk Council tenant, you have the right to make improvements to your home. However, before work can begin, you must seek permission using the form below.

Work that requires permission includes:

  • Replacing or altering windows, doors or kitchen fittings
  • Installing a new kitchen or bathroom
  • Fitting laminate flooring
  • Upgrading or replacing a central heating system
  • Any work involving plumbing or mains electrics
  • Redecorating the outside of your home
  • Fitting an aerial or satellite dish to the outside of your home
  • Building a garage, shed or other structure in your garden or driveway
  • Adding a patch of open space to your existing garden

Application forms are also available from your local Neighbourhood Office. These should be completed and returned to the address on this page.

As part of the application, site visits will be carried out to assess your home before work starts and to check work has been safely completed to the correct standards. If the work includes gas, we will ask you to provide a Gas Safety Check Certificate.

You may be able to claim compensation for some major improvements that you have paid for. You can only claim when your tenancy ends and if you were given permission to carry out the work. For more information, please contact your Neighbourhood Officer.