A food business which is operating within the Falkirk Council area should be registered with us at least 28 days prior to opening. You must register by completing the Application for the Registration of a Food Business Establishment below

Application Form for the Registration of a Food Business Establishment

Completed forms should be sent to fs@falkirk.gov.uk

When your completed registration form is received your business details will be included in our premises database and will be included in our inspection plan. You may not be inspected prior to opening.

The food business operator is responsible for complying with food safety legislation.

We aim to complete the first full inspection of new businesses within 3 months of registration but visits will be prioritised depending on the nature of the business.

You will not receive any confirmation that your business is registered, however if this is required in order to meet the requirements of other regulatory bodies or potential customers then please contact us and we can send a confirmation email regarding business registration.

We are required to provide food business details as part of a public register if someone requests this. This information is generally limited to business details (name, address and business type) and we do not release personal or sensitive business information routinely. Personal information etc would only be released for the purpose of enforcement or regulatory control to another party who has legal entitlement to that information.

Information regarding food safety compliance within your business can be released in terms of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002. We also publish relevant information on business compliance under the Food Hygiene Information Scheme.