The Fireworks and Pyrotechnic Articles (Scotland) Act 2022 introduced discretionary power for local authorities to designate firework control zones.

A firework control zone is not intended to be a catch-all solution to deal with issues involving fireworks. If a local authority and local partners consider a firework control zone to be appropriate, it is expected that a zone would be utilised alongside other preventative and enforcement tools to have maximum effect. Existing approaches and tools utilised by local authorities to deal with issues involving fireworks are:

  • Community engagement and awareness raising
  • Enforcement activities
  • Engaging with young people

Before any decision to designate a firework control zone, or to amend, or revoke an existing firework control zone the local authority must consult with:

  • those who live or work in the proposed zone
  • other members of the local community in or near the proposed zone; and
  • any other persons or bodies that the local authority considers to have a connection with, be interested in or affected by the proposed zone.

Once a firework control zone has been designated, responsibility for enforcing the offences under the Act falls to Police Scotland.

The local authority in the future will establish a process for Community Requests. The purpose of a Community Request is to provide communities with a route to ask a local authority to formally consider whether a zone should be designated, amended or revoked.

A community is any group of people who feel they have something in common; in many cases, this may be that they live in the same area.

A Community Request cannot be made by an individual. However, complaints about antisocial behaviour concerning fireworks can still be made to us by emailing Trading Standards at, who will then collate and analyse this information to identify any trends that need further investigation.